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Thelma paws
It took me 23 years but I finally played my first game! Didn't get too far because I had to leave for work right as we were about to end our first battle.

We realized that most of our characters lean towards being aligned with Nature, and that we worship the same god (except for one who worships Bahamut.) So we decided that with out powers combined, we can summon Captain Planet! That was later changed to 'Mother Nature' since we actually worship a goddess.
And my character is a crow, that was raised by wolves, that can turn into a panther. And I got to tear someone's face off, but 'That One Guy' stole his soul ._. Soul is flavors damn it. Then most of my attacks missed the next group and nobody told me that 'That One Guy's' last spell left a reside on the floor that would do -3 damage to anyone who ends their turn there. Not too big of a deal just annoying since I was at full health So that battle ended with me initiating an opportunity of attack from the two baddies and they ended up missing so they flailed around their swords at me (at the moment a giant panther) and then I attacked which also missed, so we're just flailing at each other.
'That One Guy' also decided that this was a lot like Oblivion and was trying to use a bit of a strategy because he played that before. Our DM mentioned that previous game knowledge would be punished. So his punishment was that a rabbid was summoned to the battle field to attack him. it did so and 'That One Guy' had a plunger attached to his face for the remainder of the fight.

I have no idea if we won or not because I had to go to work >_<

...Did I just blog about a D&D campaign...? ....Why yes I did!


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