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Ondatra zibethicus
Hornbill angle
Stupid muskrat...
I lost at least 4..maybe as much as 6 points on the ID exam today because I couldn't remember the muskrat's stupid species name. There was the specimen on the table to ID (along with a pocket gopher and a ground squirrel) and the muskrat appeared TWICE in the picture ID. Same damn slide. What the hell...how come wolverine couldn't be on there twice.
That and I had a brain dump moment before class twice because some asshat in the classroom across from our was too stupid to shut the door and blamed us for being too noisy. Just shut your damn door then you won't have to hear us. Kicking the doorstop was what pushed me over. Not far enough to go yell at him mostly because he shut the door pretty fast.
So there went all of the species name for the Oregon and Washington bats. And of course one table has SIX bats on it that I have to ID to genus! FFFF! At least I think I got their families right...there were only two of them and Vespertilionidae is stuck in my head for some reason.

The other brain dump came because my professor was a bit delayed in getting all the tables set up just right. So there goes all of the rodent species names. Well mostly mice and rats, and the pocket gopher, remembered some of the squirrels.

So I don't think I did too well. I can only imagine that the final exam is going to suck even worse.