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RIP pictures.
Hornbill angle
Earlier this month the Oregon Zoo lost their beloved giraffe Akeem due to age related issues and declining life quality due to said age (24 years old). And the picture they had to represent Akeem is a nice picture....but it's old. In the corner I spotted a marabou stork. I don't remember when the zoo had those but it has to be at least five years.
I duno I just think it's nice to have recent pictures of animals who have since passed away.Most recent pictures I've seen of animals who have passed at the zoo are recent because they've only had the animal for less than a year (such as the case with the cheetah some years ago).

On another note I really wish I lived a bit closer to Tracy Aviary so I could volunteer there. Only facility that I know of that celebrates a condors birthday. That and I wanna play with the ground hornbills.