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Ack he knows me!
Cuckoo grump
Started animal behavior 101....well 103b....arg... only because I've never had an animal behavior class so I thought it would be worth while (even if it is a 100 level class..) and I know the professor well enough to take yet another one of his classes.

Bad thing is that he knows me too and knows that I may know a thing or two about critters.

We watched a video on leaf cutter ants and wrote down questions we had or hypotheses. Then after the video he said that the ants aren't taking the leaves back home to eat them...and he pointed to me thinking that I knew the answer. Oddly enough I did. They were farming fungi to nom on. I don't know how I remembered that. Read something in probably an animal behavior article in something about ant farmers and how they cultivate fungi.

Way to go to pick ME out of the crowd instead of one of the NRT students! Oddly enough they're a minority, 103 is a super general bio series...
I shall spend lab staring out the window at the bird feeders watching the jays in the feeders designed for chickadees and finches....it's weird seeing a bird that big stuff its beak into the feeder holes.

Also new icon!