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I need a book on jays.
Hornbill angle
Well, Steller's and western scrub jays. I'd like to compare and contrast their biology, where they live, behavior etc.

I think it's been about...2 or so years since I went from 'Oh hey you're a bird' to 'Oh hey you're a -insert species here-'.

Reason I bring that up is because I have no idea if my neighborhood has ever had Steller's jays. Not sure when I noticed the scrub jays. Ever since I began feeding the squirrels, and I was yelling at the jays because they were taking the squirrel's peanuts. Now I'm yelling at the squirrels for taking the suet!

But just recently I've been hearing Steller's jays in the neighborhood. I've yet to see one but I've heard them just outside the house, and at an apartment complex down the street.

Just as well, I've seen Steller's jays at the zoo, but only recently I've noticed the scrub jays. Both breed at the zoo but I don't think I've ever seen both in the same place. I've only seen scrub jays where the ibises are, and just outside of bats. I've noticed the Steller's just about everywhere else. But in total, I've seen crows, scrub and Steller's jays and the one time raven all at the zoo. All I'm missing are some magpies and nutcrackers..and magpie jays...yeah not going to happen.