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"Some men call to god, when their number's up. Some cry for their mums...
Raven Curious
...I just lament all these barrels of wasted rum!"

Lyrics from a singed named Voltaire. Found out about him many a year ago..sorta, and I never got around to buying his 'latest' CD To the Bottom of the Sea because the only website I knew it was at was out of stock for the longest time. His songs have a lot of dark humor and many are about his own life, and there are a few...er..star...something....Star Trek I think spoof songs (like the Sexy Data Tango).

Did an Amazon search for the MP3 (I'm picky about some songs, so downloading saves a few dollars) and I found that he has THREE albums (including To the Bottom of the Sea) out, one that came out in 2011. Woo! Time to download some new songs!!!

Hornbill mouse
Why do they get such a bad rap for eating meat? People eat meat...(well most do)

And I'm sure if we were closer related to grass we'd find antelope pretty horrifying and bloo--er I mean chlorophyll thirsty. Just a random thought that popped into my head while in transit to the zoo.

Anyway, attended day II of Beast Feast at the zoo. Saw polar bears get ice treats (such HUGE freakin paws) and the wild dogs/lions get carcass. Lions got a dairy calf strung up on chain link that they nommed on for 3+hours. And the dogs got rabbit carcasses. Widdle ran off behind a tree with his, Wally ran off behind the viewable exhibit area, and Wooster ate some of his beneath the viewing area where you really couldn't see him because of the space between the visitor viewing area and the mesh. Then Wally stole Wooster's rabbit and dashed to the back of the exhibit where you can't see anything. Needless to say I didn't get too many pictures of doggies eating bunnies. I did however get pictures of lions fighting over the baby cow body.

Also one of the head keepers was there and asked if I'd e-mail him some pictures. Of course I said yes. So hopefully he'll enjoy some pictures of the dogs (what little I got) and the cats playing tug-o-war with the calf carcass

(By the way, the calf was obtained from an organic dairy farm. Male calves don't last long in dairy farms. So the zoo's vet went up to show them how to humanly euthanize them without drugs or bullets. The zoo mainly uses them for their condor program, and eventually got the okay to do carcass feeds from time to time for the carnivores)

Tomorrow will be otters and wolves for me. Then wandering around the zoo some more. Probably go stare at the hornbill for a while.

Happy Turkey day
Hornbill mouse

Not quite a turkey, but a turkey vulture named Ruby, who is awesome. Don't think anyone would want this bird for turkey dinner because..well..they eat dead things...and they'll vomit on you if you get too close.

Picture spam!
Hornbill angle
I feel like doing a picture spam of pictures from my little point and shoot Nikon P110...P100...whatever the hell it is. It's a nice camera, lighter and slightly smaller than the DSLR cameras. I may look into getting one I can slip into my pocket with ease. That one may have to be a durable camera like those underwater/shock/freeze resistant cameras.

Pictures ahoy! I wasn't kidding about the spam!Collapse )

Also, how the hell does a zoo expect to have enrichment that was scheduled for the public to see if an exhibit is fucking closed. I don't think I'll ever run out of things to complain about zoo wise. It's annoying that it's kinda concentrated to one zoo...

Speaking of zoo I saw the river otters engaging in reproductive activities last time I went. They were very vocal about it. River otter pups yes? Please?!?!? Sea otter pups would be adorable but not a lot of zoos have room for them and they are the most expensive animal to feed, ever. Lot of people think it's elephants because they eat so much, but hell so do otters! They get fed 6 times a day to equal...gah...a very large percent of their body weight. I'll have to ask the keepers during the otter feed Saturday how much it is. But yeah, expensive animal, not a lot of zoos have exhibits for them. As far as I know I only know of Oregon, Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, Oregon Newport Aquarium, and Monterey Bay Aquarium. Oh and the Georgia Aquarium where Thelma and Eddie's kid is. And Eddie and Thelma happen to be the two otters at the local zoo near me. Ozzie (the kid) was kind of unexpected since Edd and T were wayy too young to be breeding in the first place, but it happened.

That doesn't help.
Thelma paws
Telling me that one animal is darker than another does NOT help me tell them apart. Especially in OREGON where there is NO SUNLIGHT! I was hoping for facial markings....or you know, what cheetah has the very light patch of fur on the back of his neck.
I've had a hell of a year attempting to do zoo things. I haven't even done very many zoo things. Just very few (relative to the past two years) visits. Mostly because I can't stand a lot of zoo visitors, but also because the weather sucks. I have two Saturdays volunteering with the zoo...helping out with the Steigerwald Lake National Refuge doing restoration work. I think they went a bit overboard with the tree planting last time I went. There was hardly any room to plant anymore trees (especially the ones that need to be ~2meters away from each other. Hoping that we won't drown...it's rained about 2inches today. No flooding that I've noticed. Just some drainage areas making some lakes in the streets because they are clogged with leaves.

Also I feel like crap for not taking more charge with the whole Photo Team at the zoo. Most of it stems from my grump with a member who I think doesn't know how to let go and share the workload. Especially with other chairs. I may give some advice to the next chair that they should take some more charge and not let everything fall on one person, because that causes problems. I felt like my only duties were to send e-mails attend meetings (half of which I couldn't attend anyway) and....yeah that's about it. There was a few requests from keepers for pictures for the enrichment conference, but after that the requests stopped.

I think it's time to look for a new zoo to go hang around...Hate to say that because I've heard that this is one of the more involved volunteer groups at any zoo. Most other places give you a schedule (hah) and tell you what to do and hardly any of them involve animal areas.

Hell, it's time to get out of Oregon for a while.

Abyss. Hornbill
The next 29 days are going to drag on forever. Except for the days off. Job thing is kinda slow since work doesn't start flowing till 8...which is 4 hours into my shift. Oh well, as long as I don't have to train anybody. I'm not very good at explaining work related things. But everything is all good, just as long as the managers don't freak out. I'm on the awesome (swing) shift which has pretty laid-back supervisors (one of who happens to be my mother). So I get to cut pictures up, and package them later and send them off to who knows where. Some go to Canada, Oregon, Montana, Hawaii, Alaska...pretty much anywhere on the west side of the continent now that I think about it. It's an easy job, and it's a paycheck not much else to say about that.

Class is kinda boring. We're done being introduced to mammals now we're just doing case studies on wolves, cougars and black-tailed deer.So yeah there is a wolf living south of me...quite a ways like near Crater Lake...but it's the first recorded wolf in western Oregon in quite a number of years. So that's exciting (well for most people).

Now where the hell is my DS stylus!?

Is a thief!
Hornbill angle
Nabbed this from corvus_animus because it looked like a good idea.

Pokemons?Collapse )

Oh crap it's a job!
Rhinocerous Hornbill
It is just that, a job. Working at Color Centric/Fuji Film whatever the heck they are called now. It's a photo processing place (I know weird right?) that I've worked at off and on for a few years. This time I'm in the Shutterfly department, stuffing cards into envelopes and boxes. It's kinda boring, but it's a paying job. Something that I am going to need to pay back outstanding student loans...loans I regret because it all went to the photography degree...which just sits on my wall mocking me.

Criminal penguins
Thelma paws
It seems to becoming more popular. I've seen the story pop up on my facebook every so often, and NatGeo I think did an article on them.
...It's old news to me.
I grew up watching Scamper the Penguin who happens to be an Adelie penguin which is the rock thieving species. And of course he meets a macaroni penguin, which are super cool looking (and make nice pillows).

Oh canon camera...
Raven Curious
How I don't miss you at all...how I need to get around to selling you to make up for the loss of cash due to buying a brand new camera.
I've been looking through old images shot with the canon camera...and..wow..the zoom lens I have for that camera is pretty much dead. Not a lot of images are sharp, either that or I can't focus worth a damn (or I'm accelerating my path to blindness). But I guess that comes with the whole buying brand new stuff.

Speaking of which, Costco lowered the price of the camera I bought from them by another $50. I will be returning to the store to ask that that be credited back to me since it's been less than 90 days of purchase. It worked the last time. I will play this game till christmas!